The Government of Israel: Our Protectors or Our Slavemasters?

Melech ben Ya'aqov, Editor-in-Chief, Your Jerusalem

It is said that the worst kind of slavery is mental slavery, when the slave actually believes he is free. The Black slave in the American south who is given an extra portion of pig slop and allowed to be unchained for one night as a reward for good behavior might have the tendency to run around the plantation and proclaim his great freedom, shouting out to everybody what a kind master he has. This is only because he has never known true freedom, so in comparison to his usual situation he believes he has finally achieved nirvana.

One of the tricks that individuals, organizations and governments use to oppress people is to convince them that they are actually free under their reign, and that their reign is necessary for the people’s own safety and protection. Like a mafia running a protection racket, governments do this by brainwashing their enslaved populations into believing that they are actually their protectors and benefactors — that without the current government, their situation would be much worse, that they would either die or live a life of poverty and constant danger.

The current State of Israel constantly tries to convince us, the people of Israel, that they are the protectors and benefactors of the Jewish people, that they have only our best interests in mind. They constantly praise themselves and pat themselves on the back, calling themselves a great Democracy, the protector of human rights, liberal, etc. On the other hand, they present the Torah as oppressive and primitive. In addition, they pretend to love the Arabs, but in fact they despise the Arabs and their culture, and wish to “educate” the “poor savages” in their “enlightened” Western ways. (Thank God, the Arabs are too smart to fall for this.) They also wish to educate us, the people of Israel, in these “enlightened” ways, and to wean us off our “primitive” and “barbaric” Torah. In short, the current State of Israel is run essentially by a bunch of modern-day Hellenists who have adopted American and Western culture as their gods, in place of the God of Israel.

However, is it a true assumption that life is really better under the “enlightened” Westernized government of Israel, and that we would suffer a life of horrible oppression under a Torah government? Let us take the issue of land ownership as a case in point. The Torah entitles every single Israelite – bar none – to a permanent inheritance in the land of Israel. This means that each one of us, from the moment we are born until the day we die, is a land owner, and our family’s plot of land can never, ever be taken away from us, not by other Israelites, not by foreigners and certainly not by the government. This is the importance of the Jubilee year mentioned in Leviticus chapter 25, which comes every 50 years. In the Jubilee year, each plot of land returns to its original owner, i.e. you and me. You and I may rent out our plots of land for a period of time, up to and including a long-term lease of 50 years, but our plots can never be permanently sold; they return to each one of us at the Jubilee year. It is no wonder that Leviticus 25:10 tells us that on the Jubilee we “proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.”

“This makes us, essentially, landless serfs living on the land owned by our masters, exactly the opposite of what YHWH and the Torah intended. Make no mistake about what I am saying: the State of Israel has stolen every inch of the land of Israel from us, the people of Israel.”

By comparison, under the current government of Israel, who owns the land? Is it “We the People” of Israel? No. The government of Israel does. In fact, the government of Israel owns approximately 97% of all the land in the State of Israel. Aside from a very small percentage of land, we are not allowed to own land – in our own country! (So much for Democracy.) The closest we can come is to lease long-term from the government – for 50 or 99 years – but at the end of that period, the land reverts back to the State of Israel. In other words, this is just the opposite of what the Torah envisions. Whereas, in the Torah, We the People are the eternal land owners and we rent out our land to whomever we please, including to the government; in the current reality, under the so-called “liberal” state of Israel, it is the government which is the eternal land owner, and they rent our own land back to us, and we pay them rent for it! This makes us, essentially, landless serfs living on the land owned by our masters, exactly the opposite of what YHWH and the Torah intended. Make no mistake about what I am saying: the State of Israel has stolen every inch of the land of Israel from us, the People of Israel.

So ask yourself, “Is this true freedom?” The government of Israel wishes to convince you and me that you we free under them, that they are our benefactor and protector. Further, they wish to convince us that if we were to ever have a Torah government instead of them, then we would return to primitive days of oppression. We must ask ourselves if this is true, or a lie perpetuated by the Hellenized, Westernized, leftist, apostate State of Israel for the benefit of its ruling elite.

Do you feel free? If you are free, then why do you run around and work like a dog just to pay rent at the end of the month? (Is this what you dreamed of when you first made aliyah?) Why do you pay such a high percentage of your hard-earned money in taxes to this government? Why do you pay a quarter or half a million dollars to live in the dirt and noise of the city in some concrete box known as a “dirah”, rather than pay one-tenth the price to build your own house or even mansion out on your own portion of the land of Israel which is given to you for free and can never be taken away? Are you really free under the government of Israel, or are you just a slave who has never known real freedom and therefore thinks he is free?

If Zeev Jabotinsky and the Revisionists had taken over the state of Israel back in the 1940’s instead of the current West-worshiping ilk, think about where we might be right now. Would we be getting killed in the streets every day, having our blood spilled by another nation which lives in our land and hates us? Would we be crammed into large, dirty cities in run-down apartment blocks, barely able to pay for rent, food and electricity? No. We would have been sitting on a large, wealthy, prosperous State of Israel, which extends across both sides of the Jordan River, and perhaps way beyond. We would be sitting on a great wealth of natural resources which would have made all of our people wealthy, not just the government and a few privileged elites. We would be living, each of us, on our own plot of land, in our own houses, with our own wives and children. We would have been a prosperous, proud and free people. I would probably be writing this editorial right now while barbecuing hot dogs on the banks of the Euphrates River.

And yet, we have allowed these nogshim (taskmasters – see Exodus 5:6) to control us and convince us that we are free under them, when in fact we are slaves. They are more than happy to watch us drug ourselves up with Western poisons such American television, cigarettes, Coca Cola and pharmaceutical drugs, which ensure that we remain weak and preoccupied, so that we don’t bother them (while all the while they collect huge profits off the sale of these products to us.) They do not even allow each one of us, the People of Israel, to carry weapons (in our own land!) to defend ourselves. This very basic right of a person to defend himself has been taken away from us, proving perhaps more than anything that we are not free people under the government of Israel, but slaves. We the Slaves must always be disarmed, for our taskmasters – far more than they fear the Arabs – fear that we might someday rise up against them in a slave rebellion. So we are left vulnerable to the whims of those who live in our land and are determined to spill our blood and destroy us. (In fact, the leftist elite deliberately uses the Arabs to terrorize our people, particularly the brave settlers of Yehudah and Shomron.)

This is the Kafkaesque reality we live in the land of Israel, and therefore, each and every one of us must ask ourselves, “Who exactly are the people who run this country? What is their belief system? What is their goal?” Is it to protect the people of Israel and to help us prosper; or is it to control us and enslave us for their masters in America and Europe – and in return for enslaving their own people, to receive money, awards, accolades, fame, appearances on television, high salaries, and invitations to travel around the world and meet all kinds of VIPs?

Think. If you can’t become physically free at this moment, then at least become mentally free. Don’t be so enslaved that you don’t even know you are a slave. Don’t be so enslaved as to think that your oppressors and abusers are actually your benefactors and protectors, just because they throw you enough crumbs and pig slop for you to live a sustenance existence. Did we leave our countries of origin and come to the land of Israel to live a sustenance existence? No, we came here to fulfill our dreams.

It’s time for us, as a nation, to wake up to the pathetic current reality, and only then will we find the path to freedom. Let’s hope and pray that this can be done with a political solution, because if it cannot, then – mark my words – there will come a time when the people can stand it no longer and will take matters into their own hands. This will include not just the religious right, but a large swath of the population who will come to realize the level of oppression they currently live under in this country.

Hazak we’Emotz,
Melech ben Ya’aqov,

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