Sugar – White, Pure and Dangerous


1) The average American consumes about 2.7 lbs. of candy per week (the equivalent of 6 chocolate bars).

2) In 1915, a typical person consumed 15-20 lbs of sugar a year. Today, one may consume his or her body weight in sugar.

3) Sugar is divested of all its nutrients in processing. When consumed, the body cells attempt to restore those nutrients by leaching the body of calcium, magnesium and other vital minerals.

White Sugar

4) Children are especially susceptible to the effects of sugar. They may:

a) become high-strung and unmanageable
b) become prematurely obese
c) suffer from tooth decay or frail bones
d) host ear and sinus infections
e) lose appetite for nourishing whole foods like grains and vegetables
f) lose pieces of their lymph systems – adenoids, tonsils – as a result of inflammation.

5) Chronic sugar consumption is ultimately not sustainable to the body, and results in cellular death because the bloodstream becomes overloaded with the waste products of carbonic poisoning.

6) Sugar creates heavy blood, slowing circulation through minute capillaries and resulting in diseased gums and dental problems.

7) Sugar consumption is the primary cause of diabetes. The pancreas, the organ that dispatches insulin when sugar levels increase, becomes damaged and cannot curb glucose load; over 400,000 Israelis have diabetes.

8) Sugar seems to be accountable for gall bladder disease; one in five Americans have gall stones.

Sugar causes hyperactivity in children.

Children are particularly susceptible to the effects of sugar. As any parent or school teacher knows, sugar can cause extreme hyperactivity in children. But did you know that studies have linked sugar to criminal behavior later in life?

9) Sugar affects one’s mental state; the brain is quick to react to chemical changes in the body. There are links to anything from sugar binging to unstable and even criminal behavior.

10) Sugar’s molecular formula – C12 H22 O11 – is similar to cocaine. It is extremely addictive.

11) Sugar is highly processed by mechanical treatments. Its juice is squeezed out, the pulp and nutrients are discarded. It is mixed with lime, passed through carbon filters, and bleached to acquire a snow-white appearance using pork or cattle bones. Sixty-four food elements, like iron, phosphate and vitamin B, are destroyed, as are amino acids and vital enzymes.

12) The sugar industry has a strong lobby in Washington to influence legislators to promote their poison.

13) A 12 oz. bottle of Coke has 11 teaspoons of sugar.

14) Sugar minimizes the healthy bacteria flora in the intestines. Normally in this intestinal brine, glutamic acid is manufactured, which is responsible for memory functions and other brain activities such as numerical calculations. Thus, sugar will repress these mental functions from flourishing.

15) Sugar substitutes like Aspartame (NutraSweet) are worse than sugar. Aspartame is a volatile substance; it breaks down into methanol (alcohol), a known neurotoxin. The methanol will break down into formaldehyde, a highly reactive chemical, damaging cells and genes. The methanol formed from Aspartame is 1,000 times more potent than the alcohol in schnapps; it may also lead to Parkinson’s, Lupus and Alzheimer’s. (For more information on the dangers of Aspartame, see the Your Jerusalem feature article, Diet Coke Sweetener Called Dangerous Poison.)

16) Sugar’s negative effects include:

a) increased overgrowth of candida yeast organisms
b) chronic fatigue
c) binge eating
d) intensified P.M.S. symptoms
e) greatly increased hyperactivity in children
f) increased anxiety and irritability
g) difficultly in losing weight because high insulin levels cause the body to store carbohydrates as fat.

17) Sugar has a chemical structure that is alien to the guf (body) and that is addressed by the immune system as a foreigner. Ultimately, it suppresses immune response, making a person more susceptible to colds and infections.


Judean Mountains

A depiction not of the Carpathian Mountains, but of the Judean Mountains. After all, this is Your Jerusalem, not Your Carpathia. Reprinted from


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