Author: Daniel Pinner

Yehudah HaMaccabee 0

In Those Days, At This Time

D A N I E L  P I N N E R Archaeologists digging in Jerusalem in recent weeks discovered an ancient scroll, written on parchment in Greco-Hebraic letters. It appears to be an...

Visiting the Temple Mount 0

Verdi and the Temple Mount

Exiting the Temple Mount later, I reflected on my ruses. Yes, I had successfully tricked the police and the Waqf (the Islamic trust) who control our holy site. But the fact that I – like all Jews there – was reduced to this chicanery is actually a testament of poverty.

Eliyahu HaNavi 0

The Smile on the Satan’s Face

A STORY FOR PURIM (AND TISHA B’AV) The Rebbe had reached the World of Truth, and had stood, like all other Jews, in judgment. It had taken a long time; after all, the Judge...

Jer Under Siege 0

On Eagles’ Wings

by Daniel Pinner This article is reprinted from the March, 1999 edition of Your Jerusalem. One of the longest stretches of straight road in the entire city of Jerusalem — indeed, until the recent...